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Dedicated to providing effective, quality representation to public employees and they labor organizations in civil, criminal, disciplinary, and collective bargaining matters since 2008


The Berry Wilkinson Law Group was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing quality, effective service to a select and unique group of public safety clientele.  The firm is located in San Rafael, California, but provides representation to members of public safety organizations throughout the State.

Formerly a founding partner at Rains, Lucia & Wilkinson, Alison was proud to have been a part of building, from the ground floor up, one of the premier law firms representing public safety in the State of California.  She left the prestige associated with providing representation to over a hundred different law enforcement organizations statewide so that her expertise could be focused directly on select organizations and panels.


Although the opportunity and pressure to expand is constant, we have resisted.  The firm has maintained its commitment to providing personalized service to a select and unique client base, and has no intention of expanding its capacity, accumulating as many clients as possible, or trying to be a premier firm providing a wide-range of services that are collateral to the main focus.  Rather, the Berry | Wilkinson | Law Group takes pride in providing superior service and focus to its limited group of public safety clientele.


  • Philosophy

  • What sets the Berry Wilkinson Law Group apart in the field of attorney firms servicing law enforcement throughout Northern California is its commitment to personalized service.  This is a small firm with a  dedicated team of individuals that has an extensive skill base.  In other words, we are small but mighty.

  • When clients join our ranks, they know they will be dealing with a named partner almost exclusively, with others participating under her direction and supervision. 

  • Every client and issue, no matter how large or small, receives the benefit of Alison's over 25 years of experience representing members of law enforcement in civil, criminal, collective bargaining, and discipline matters.  This provides both experience and continuity for the organizations and their members.


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